A tweet from an anonymous Twitter account blew up and created quite a storm with a seemingly simple question: “Who yall got !?? Hit for hit best vocals. Miguel or Jacquees?”

Both Miguel Jontel Pimentel (more famous just by his first name) and Rodriquez Jacquees Broadnax, better known as Jacquees, are R&B heavyweights. So, it would seem that this was a fair question to ask. Only apparently it wasn’t.

Fans of Miguel took offense to this choice and went berserk on Twitter. “Miguel didn’t give us ‘Adorn’ to be disrespected like this. the f***!” wrote a fan, gaining hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes. And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

This is not the first time people have felt Jacquees was not an ideal benchmark for R&B greatness. In 2018, the pop star in an Instagram video declared, “I just want to let everybody know that I’m the king of R&B right now… for this generation.” Even then, this spawned a lot of hate, with fans pointing out better singers. Even back then, certain fans noted that as long as Miguel remained, JacQuees could never attain the throne.

Cut to 2020, the mood seems to remain unchanged in that department. Multiple GIFs of people flipping through empty pages with captions like “A list of Jacquees songs that are better than any of Miguel hits” flooded Twitter. The vitriol of Miguel fans came out in tweets like, “How the hell yall even put Miguel in the same category with Jacquees? Yall a**es been in quarantine too damn long.”

Another fan noted, “Miguel is a poet with a smooth and powerful voice. Jacquees is a talent show standout with potential who thinks vibrato can hide that he doesn't work on his craft. Jacquees has a couple of good songs. Miguel has albums.”

As fans shared Miguel songs and noted how good-looking he was, the continuing theme of the trend was just one word: disrespect.

But it begs the question: Does Jacquees care for this? Despite his habit of indulging in braggadocio -- he told The Rolling Stone magazine in 2018, “I definitely know that R&B can depend on me. I’m the king. I’m in the first place of my generation” -- a profile of the R&B singer from last year finds the artist a good-natured and humorous one. In fact, the profile notes that one of Jacquees’s favorite memes was about his voice being compared to a faltering car.

So, sure. Fans of Miguel may find it insulting that they were asked to choose between him and Jacquees. But from the looks of it, it wouldn’t matter to the ‘B.E.D.’ hitmaker. The usually active tweeter hasn’t yet said a word about this. And it's likely he never will.