Manipur, July 14 -- India yet to do justice to Manipur, says Deban

Working Committee of the Apunba Lup (WCAL) formed this day in 2004 following the 'brutal' rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama, observed its 15th foundation day today at AMUCO head office, Kwakeithel.

Speaking at the occasion, WCAL former coordinator, Ph. Deban said that India has suppressed the merger issue and even after decades of the forceful merger of Manipur to India union in 1949, India is yet to do justice to the state.

If India claimed itself to be a democracy, justice should be served to the Manipuris instead of killing civilians in the name of suppressing insurgency movement that followed the controversial merger, he added.

Deban recounted that thousands of civilians were murdered behind the shield of AFSPA by security forces. While pointing out that Manorama was among the thousands that were killed in fake encounters and extra judicial killings, the former coordinator said that the WCAL was formed by conglomeration of various CVOs, who were convinced that only a collective and united struggle is possible against the colonial act.

While noting that the CBI enquiry in 1528 fake encounter cases in Manipur is taking a slow pace, he observed that justice has been delayed with such slow pace and demanded that a special court be instituted only to investigate fake encounter and judicial cases for swift delivery of justice.

Moreover, India is still unable to be a member of the UN Security Council because of the atrocities meted out to its own people by its security forces, Deban pointed out and credited the womenfolk, who had continuously opposed the anti-people policies of India.

Coordinator, Apunba Lup, Phulindro Konsam contended that the BJP government has considerably failed to keep its promise to the masses. The BJP in its vision document in 2017 promised that security personnel involved in fake encounters and extra judicial killings will be served befitting punishment. However, the government did not even give prosecution sanction for personnel against whom chargesheets have been submitted, he condemned.

Phulindro further stated that Apunba Lup will continue its struggle till the draconian act that provide special privilege and impunity to armed personnel, is revoked.

President, Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi, L. Memchoubi stressed that the people need to work on together by understanding the issue in its entirety as the state is still confronted with various issues.

Coordinators, Apunba Lup, Yumnam Ratankumar and Joy Chingakham; assistant coordinator, Apunba Lup, Joychandra Konthoujam; AMKIL vice president, RK Bina and WWOK president Ksh. Bala Leima were also present during the occasion. A one-minute silence in honour of those who sacrificed their lives in the cause of the struggle against AFSPA was also observed in the occasion.

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