Manipur, June 14 -- In an attempt to ensure energy security to the people, especially women manual workers living in remote areas of the State, Chanura Microfin Manipur (CMM) today launched Clean Energy for Clean Environment Mission (CE2M) during a function held at Manipur Press Club.

The project CE2M was sponsored by Centre for Microfinance and Livelihood (CML), Mumbai supported by TATA Trusts under its "Ensuring Energy Security for Communities Living in Remote Areas in Manipur" project.

Speaking at the launch function, founder secretary and chief executive officer, CMM, PK Khuman said that the mission was launched with the objective of solving the inconveniences faced by the women who do manual work with the use of electricity.

He informed that CE2M ensures lighting and livelihood applications based on solar energy to workers that use electricity. Many of the workers incurred a huge amount of expenditure in paying electricity bills. As such, the mission aims to cater to the needs of the workers by reducing the expenditures through use of solar energy and increase productivity and profitability, besides giving comfort to the work, he added.

The CMM CEO further noted that the mission is implemented in a long term basis and observed that there will be a positive change in the economy of the State as local entrepreneurs engaging in solar products will also be promoted through use of their products.

PK Khuman also intimated that CMM is targeting to cater the services to up to 1000 beneficiaries in the year 2019-2020.

Taking part in the launch function, program manager, CML, TATA Trust, Kamal Pathori said that CML sponsored the mission in the attempt of ensuring clean and affordable energy to all. Solar energy is the next big thing and is crucial in achieving the sustainable development goals, he added.

Chairperson, CMM, N. Harimati; regional manager, CML, TATA Trust, Langhu Hringjangam; funder member, CMM, P. Memmi and executive members, CMM, Kh. Yaiskul; P. Yaima and Ph. Lokendro Sharma were also present during the occasion.

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