The remains of a Kentucky teenager have been discovered ten years after she went missing, police have said.

The remains, found by an individual in Clermont County, Ohio have been identified as Paige Johnson who was 17 years old when she disappeared in 2010, according to FOX19.

Paige had a daughter who was twoat the time of her disappearance, according to The New York Post.

“Officially it is a missing persons investigation,” Covington Police Lt Col Brian R Valenti told People.

“It is being investigated to see if we can come up with homicide charges. That is what we are trying to figure out with the analysis of her remains.”

On Sunday, Clermont County Ohio Sheriff’s Office was contacted by an individual who said they located what they believed to be was human remains in a wooded area near by.

Paige’s family were notified on Wednesday morning once the Covington Police Department had positively identified the remains.

“I’ve been wanting to bring my baby home for so long. This is a day I was worried I would go to my grave without ever getting this day,“ Donna Johnson, Paige's mother told WLWT.

A cause of death has not yet been determined and the investigation is ongoing, officials said.

Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders said investigators would be looking into every piece of evidence surrounding the case.

At the press conference, Mr Sanders spoke of his frustration about the decade long case.

“There were multiple witnesses that either refused to cooperate with police, lied to police [or] told police half stories,” he said. “It was a very frustrating investigation.”

Covington Police are continuing their investigation and urge anyone with information about Paige's disappearance to contact Greater Cincinnati Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.