Spoilers for ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ Episode 8

With each passing episode, ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ has managed to keep us on the edge of our seats with its ongoing mystery surrounding the death of the Cherry Falls Jane Doe sisters.

However, in the previous episodes, it finally revealed to us the cause of their deaths and upped its game by taking deep dives into Peter’s (Ryan Kwanten) persona and a traumatizing past, which has shaped him into a person that he is.

Episode 8 of ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ offers a better insight into Peter and Elsie’s (Jordan Alexander) relationship, but leaves you with endless questions regarding his intentions about her.

All along we’ve seen Peter share a strong bond with Elsie, although the latter doesn’t feel the same about the man who claimed to be her father.

But, the latest episode reveals an encounter between Peter and Elsie from years ago, following the death of the Jane Doe sisters.

When Peter is in the middle of burying the younger Jane Doe sister’s corpse in the woods, little Elsie accidentally runs into him after getting separated from her mother Wendy. The series established that only Elsie knows about Peter’s involvement in the Cherry Falls murder. The rest of the episode sees Peter accompany Elsie and her mother to the club, where Wendy had a gig to perform.

Meanwhile, Amelia Harper (Juliette Lewis) and Elsie have a falling apart and entangled her own issues, Amelia refuses to let the latter stay at her place. When she has nowhere else to go, Peter comes to her rescue, once again.

During the Kingston’s Day, when Elsie is on the verge of being attacked by the wild boar, Peter appears out of nowhere and fires shots at the beast.

Although the latest episode does not reveal much about Peter and Elsie’s relationship, it sheds light on the former’s feelings for Elsie, while leaving us wondering what draws him so close to her. Also, you can’t help but wonder if Peter is genuinely caring for Elsie or if his actions are driven by hidden motives, given that she’s the only one who knows about the heinous crime he committed years ago.

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