On the next episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', we follow Ahsoka Tano's (Ashley Eckstein) continued adventures on the lower levels of Coruscant with the Martez sisters — Trace (Brigitte Kali Canales) and Rafa (Elizabeth Rodriguez).

While Trace and Ahsoka have been getting along famously, Rafa and Ahsoka are keeping a wary eye on each other, as each believes the other is a dangerous influence on Trace.

According to the official synopsis for the episode, "When Trace Martez pilots her prized ship on a mysterious job arranged by her sister Rafa, Ahsoka is alarmed to learn they are transporting for the evil Pyke Syndicate. Fearing that her ship may be at risk, Trace makes a rash decision that puts them all in peril in 'Deal No Deal', an all-new episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'."

It's ironic that the only thing that Ahsoka and Rafa have in common — their worry for Trace's safety — is the thing that's keeping them at odds with each other.

Both of them do have legitimate worries. Rafa's willingness to take on shady, dangerous jobs in order to make a living puts both her and Trace directly in the crosshairs of some dangerous people. For her part, Ahsoka is still keeping her past with the Jedi Order a secret and Rafa can tell that she's hiding something.

The official 'Star Wars' channel has released a clip from the episode, showing Rafa confronting Ahsoka and the danger the latter poses. You don't survive long on the lower levels of Coruscant without trusting people and Ahsoka has done very little to prove her trustworthiness.

Rafa is looking for an angle, while all Ahsoka wants to do is keep the Martez sisters out of trouble. The past rarely stays quiet, however, and as Rafa points out, the trouble might just be Ahsoka herself. You can watch the clip below:

The clip sees Rafa try to get Trace to reaffirm that the Martez sisters can't rely on anyone but themselves, but given how well Rafa and Ahsoka have been getting along, Rafa quickly tries to add Ahsoka to the list of people she can count on. Find out how that plays out on 'Deal No Deal'.

The next episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' airs on March 27 on Disney+.