'The Magician' actor Brittany Curran is engaged to her boyfriend James Ingram who is a music producer. The 29-year-old actor got engaged in Paris over the weekend at Curran's favorite castle.

People quoted Curran as saying "James popped the question at Chateau De Chambord, which is my favorite castle." She also added that she first discovered the chateau when she visited Disney World in Epcot, France, a few years ago.

She added, "When James and I first started dating, in like the first week, we both found out that each other loved castles, so I brought over my oversized castle coffee table book to his house so we could look at it together, and Chateau de Chambord is in that book!”

She recalled how she "instantly started crying a bit" when they arrived at Chateau de Chambord. She said, "Then before we went in, James said he wanted a good picture of us from the front. So we walked further out onto the grounds so that we could get the whole castle in the picture."

Curran also added, "Two French women who were walking dogs were headed in our general direction, so when they got close to us, James went up to one woman to ask for a picture, and I started playing with their puppy."

After taking the first picture together at the Chambord, Ingram asked her, "Is this a dream come true?" and that's when she knew, said Curran. She then said, “And I was like, ‘Yes!’ He then reached into his pocket, got on his knee, pulled out a Tiffany box, and said, ‘Will you marry me?’"

She also said Ingram told her that she asked "Is that Tiffany's" before she said "Yes." Sharing more about the proposal, Curran said, “Then the French woman who took the picture came over to us and kept saying, ‘Amour!’ to us and put her hands in a heart shape, and looked at us through it.”