The Chicago Cubs might be watching the postseason from their couches, but a player from their squad has just delivered arguably the greatest photo of the 2019 MLB campaign.

Jason Heyward took to Instagram on Friday to post a throwback photo of himself as a youngster out in the yard with a toy lawnmower. In retrospect, that concept might sound adorable, but the picture is anything but that. Folks, Heyward is merely a small child in this pic, yet is noticeably jacked.

We didn't know it until today, but J-Hey was destined for a career as a professional athlete from a VERY young age. How is it possible for a child that young to have the arm definition of a gym rat? Either this comes down to an abnormal genetic inheritance, or Heyward was curling dumbbells and drinking milk since day one.

Or perhaps it's that water down in Georgia.

Whatever the case, this is one of the greatest things we've ever seen, and it begs the question as to whether Heyward should have even been allowed to play tee-ball against mere mortals his own age.