CHURACHANDPUR, July 14 -- The first ever Futsal artificial turf at Churachandpur in SL Lamka Turf was inaugurated today at Gangpimual, Lamka by minister of Agriculture, V. Hangkhanlian.

The opening ceremony was attended by Jacinta Lazarus; C Arthur; DIG, Kabib K and Indian Supper League player, Jerry M as dignitaries on the dais. And the programme commenced with an inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony by the chief guest whixh has followed by a "dedication" service of the turf by pastor, Tunthianmang.

On the occasion, V. Hangkhanlian said that SL Lamka Turf is a new development as it is the first artificial Futsal turf in Manipur more so for Churachandpur district adding that it will provide a new and great leap from the district. While mentioning that S. Kamsuanlun, who is the proprietor, is the one responsible for the development, he also lauded S. Kamsuanlun adding that the turf will be beneficial for budding young players of the district to develop their talents.

While stating that farmers are particularly facing hardships in the valley due to shortage of water, he also mentioned that the Agriculture department is making great efforts like employing new technology and providing water pumps under MOBC covering more than 21 hectares of paddy fields where water pumps had to be shared by farmers based on the reports from officials of the department. The demand for fertilisers has indeed become so high in the valley districts, V. Hangkhanlian continued adding that anyone in need may contact the minister or minister concerned. "So far, more than 3000 bags of fertilizers have been distributed in CCpur district," he added.

Jacinta Lazarus, in her speech on the occasion, extended congratulations to the owners of the Turf stating that not only the game of Futsal but the SL Lamka Turf will boost the health of the people. She also expressed her hopes that the artificial turf will be a channel for the youths that will lead them to positive ways in increasing the growth and development of CCpur town.

While also congratulating the owner of the turf, Kabib K asserted that the new turf will be check the issue of drug addiction and alcoholism, and will also be a source of big help to the police

As a part of the programme, proprietor of the new Futsal artificial Turf, S. Kamsuanlun felicitated the guests stating that he started SL Lamka Turf to help the players where to have a proper ground but they will be charging those who wants to use the Turf through booking system. "Anyone who wants to use the state-of-the-art Turf had to pay Rs.1500 per hour during day time and Rs.2000 per hour during the night time, and that it will be opened till 9:00 am," he said adding that the as an inauguration offer, the rate will be Rs1000 during day time and Rs 1500 during night time for the month of July. "SL Lamka Turf was made in remembrance of (Late) S. Liankhokam who is my grandfather and it is constructed on the same size of a National League turf," he added.

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