Sheymon Moraes was presented with the perfect opportunity to redeem his recent UFC misfortunes in a clash against Andre Fili at Fight Night 155 in Sacramento on Saturday. He was even embracing his regular underdog role, saying Friday that "I’m excited for this match and I’m going there for a win, I’m not going there to play around." Well, as it turns out, Fili wasn't in town to play around, either. He delivered a THUNDEROUS right hook that utterly bamboozled Moraes and knocked him to the ground. As expected, Andre pounced and promptly finished the fight with repeated blows to his defenseless foe.


There really is something about a clean landing (that is exceptionally vulgar and disturbing to watch in slow-mo, by the way) that gets fans out of there seats to cheer while another fighter lies helpless and sometimes motionless inside the octagon.

The thrill is simply indescribable -- as Touchy confirmed with his energetic celebration.