Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is finally out of the prison and he is not letting slip any details. In the March 26 episode of 'Jersey Shore', the cast sat down along with Vinny Guadagnino's mother, Paula, and Uncle Nino for a nice meal and Mike decided to recall a situation that left him fearful of his life. He revealed that one day he woke up in prison feeling like he had something in his eye.

It felt like a thread but he was unsure of what it was. He then decided to go and consult an inmate who he knew was a doctor. After examining Mike's eye, this fellow prisoner informed him that he was bleeding from his brain and that was the reason behind his eyes feeling like that.

Hearing this Mike was terrified about what would happen. He then decided to go for a second opinion. When he asked for the second opinion he was relieved to find out that the thing in his eye was nothing serious. Mike then informed this guy about how the other guy had informed him that he was bleeding from his brain.

It was then that Mike found out that the first man was sent to prison because he was pretending to be a doctor. The cast broke down laughing as they did not expect this to happen. Later, after dinner, Mike decided to have a conversation with Uncle Nino.

Before he had left to go to prison, Mike had requested Uncle Nino to put out a word for him before he went to prison. The two had sat down together and Mike had expressed how nervous he was about going to the prison. Uncle Nino had then taken matters in his hand and decided to put out a good word for him.

Mike revealed that there wasn't a single day when he did not have food. He named all the people who helped him in the prison and thanked Uncle Nino for helping him out. While the two hugged it out, Uncle Nino wanted to know if Mike had to give sexual favors in prison and he straight up denied these claims.

While the question initially left him uncomfortable, the two decided to laugh it out as they embraced each other with a hug.

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