Major League Baseball's stars now have measly 1-6 record against their respective clubs in terms of arbitration hearings. The latest player to lose their case was Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader, who will make $4.1 million in 2020, as opposed to his desired $6.4 million. Hours after his loss, Hader spoke out, saying the arbitration system in the league is "outdated," where he cited the change in roles for relief pitchers.

The days of relievers pitching in the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings are gone. We are now in the age of baseball where relief arms are taking the mound in the first inning, or entering the game in certain instances.

Hader is arguing that due to this change in philosophy in the game of baseball, the value of bullpen arms should increase.

He's not the only reliever to lose in arbitration. Shane Greene pushed for a 2020 salary of $6.75 million, but was denied by the independent arbiter, who voted on the Atlanta Braves to pay him $6.25 million.

Hader would like to see a change in arbitration but it remains to be seen when reform will arrive.