Martha Gottwald was shown the doors in episode 2 of 'Making The Cut.' Even though she had shown promise with her two-look brand snapshot, her technical skills failed her during the haute couture round.

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn tasked the contestants with the challenge of creating two looks. "One must be a couture-inspired, artistic show-stopper. The second look should be a sellable interpretation of that look," Heidi informed, while Tim added that they will be showing at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where some of the greatest fashion shows have been held.

Soon after, the designers left for the streets of Paris in search of inspiration. Marth sat next to Louvre Museum putting her sketches together. For her couture meant lots of volume, drama, sparkles, and embellishment. The diamond-like structures of the museum had her inspired but sadly, that didn't translate to her garment.

A couple of hours at the atelier and she had reached her breaking point. For a designer to not know sowing could be a challenge, especially when it comes to haute couture, which means grandness that is all hand-stitched, and basically allows designers to put their skills on display.

While fellow contestants were way ahead of her, she was struggling to pin her clothing with precision. As she cried and panicked, Tim pacified her, told her not to worry about the rest and focus on pinning her garment because there are seamstresses to help her out.

Even though Martha's works made it to the runway, they were so last-minute that it had to be put together using safety pins, which put the judges off, especially Naomi Campbell, who thought she needed to show some respect for couture and her work was just lazy.

"You really just hid behind choosing colorful fabrics, you know. That's not what this competition is, that's not why you're here, that's not representative of the skills and capabilities that we all know that you have. And it doesn't really represent you as a businesswoman either," said Nicole Richie, who is also one of the judges on the show.

However, Joseph Altuzarra and Tim went soft on her. They told her that even though she is immensely talented her self-doubts get in the way and derail her, which almost always leads to failure. However, Martha was happy to have been part of the show but also excited to meet her kids back in Richmond, Virginia.