Leave it to Rob Manfred to try and put his foot down and sound hypocritical at the same time.

Manfred has rightfully caught some heat for the Astros lack of remorse over their sign stealing in the 2017 season. The commissioner previously exonerated Houston beyond parts of the 2018 campaign, and stated no players would be punished. Now, several of those players and the owner have put MLB through a PR nightmare, failing to correctly apologize for their actions. Even fellow players see the ridiculous, fake nature of how this has played out in Houston, and Manfred isn't happy.

“Let me say this,” Manfred told the New York Daily News. “It is important for me to have the Astros players and the entire organization make sure the fans of Houston and the fans all over the country know that they did something wrong and they apologize for it.”

If that is truly important to Manfred, who dolled out year-long punishments which led to the dismissals of former manager AJ Hinch and former GM Jeff Luhnow, then he must step in to mediate this process.

The angst around baseball will only worsen if he continues to do nothing.