Marrying a stranger sounds adventurous and to get intimate with the same person, might give one multiple bout of jitters. But in this week's episode of 'Married at First Sight,' no seems to be complaining as the husbands will be shown helping their wives change out of the wedding dresses.

This comes as a surprise because, in the days leading up to the wedding and minutes before the brides were to walk the aisle, everyone seemed uncertain and couldn't figure if they were making the right decision for themselves. Previously, when the girls met for the first time they had an elaborate discussion about their wedding night, during which Katie and Mindy openly communicated about their interest in going through with it.

While Taylor and Jessica said they'd take time to open up to their husbands because they'd be getting close for the first time. Interestingly, in tonight's episode, we see Taylor initiating a conversation with Brandon, asking him to help her get out of the dress and Jessica directing Austin down her dress so that he can unbutton it. Meanwhile, Derek gets grilled by Katie's friends who inquire about his plans for the night, leaving him completely flushed. Later, they are seen getting into an embrace and kissing each other.

Clearly, no one's taking the couch tonight, which is a good sign because it indicates they are all over their initial awkwardness ready to begin their happily ever afters. But fans have already judged the five couples -- Mindy & Zach, Taylor & Brandon, Jessica & Austin, Katie & Derek, and Meka & Michael -- who are all set to start a new chapter on the show.

"We need to get rid of Katie and give Derek a real chance," a fan wrote. "I'm seeing "I'm too sexy", vibes from Zach. His friends mentioned physical attraction twice Mindy, i.e. Nancy Kerrigan may be a figure skater but his top priority seems to be looks so I picture this going downhill fast if he can't embrace her other qualities #MarriedAtFirstSight," another fan wrote. "I think Taylor & Brandon will definitely make it, he's so cute. And Austin & Jessica have a slight chance. The others, not so much," a viewer expressed. "I think Meka & Michael are the only ones who will make it @MAFSLifetime #MarriedAtFirstSight," a user tweeted.

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