From an anxious designer who is confused if the seamstress would understand her instructions, to winning challenges two times in a row ― Esther Perbandt has already proved why she is worthy of the million-dollar prize.

As the contestants moved to the streets to find inspiration for their next haute couture looks, Esther sat next to the Louvre museum in the hope of finding something new and fresh that would drive her mini-collection on the show.

Just when she had started sketching, the Berlin-based designer spotted a couple getting married at the spot and that was it for her. She took pictures of them while Joshua Hupper, a fellow contestant, photobombed her shots. Immediately, she knew that it would be her story for the looks. Josh was dressed in black, whereas the bride was in a tulle gown.

The judges — Joseph Atluzarra, Nicole Richie, Carine Roitfeld, Naomi Campbell — were mighty impressed with the way she had thought of her haute couture looks.

"I loved both your outfits. I felt a lot of strength from your women, very empowered, confident — all the things we want women to feel. And your line was clean, your aesthetic, I love the hair. It was elegant and graceful but yet very modern. This is for me a perfect example of a new way of couture," Naomi commented.

Nicole didn't hold back either. She said Esther's thoughts and ideas translate into the clothes she constructs. "Your execution is so strong," she added, while Carine said the collection was 'total couture.'

Esther's look is available on the 'Making The Cut' store on Amazon for users to shop. This apart, Esther also wins a feature in Carine's CR Fashion Book, which is a big deal given how big Carine has been in the fashion industry.

Esther's second win was well deserved after her first one had come as a surprise because she was least prepared then. She had to put together her winning look in under two hours. It was a tough day, but rewarding for sure.

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