To the delight of some, and the dismay of others (shoutout to the single peeps), Friday was Valentine's Day. Couples shared their love with their significant other not only in private, but to those in their social media network.

That was the case with figures in the sports world. The latest athlete to do so was recently-retired New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who posted some throwback photos of himself and wife Amber for Valentine's Day.

As Sabathia states, Amber was his Valentine for nearly 22 years, and she stuck by his side ever since.

Sabathia had been in the big leagues for over 19 years, dating back to his time with the Cleveland Indians, that brief stint with the Milwaukee Brewers, and his final, lengthy tenure with the Bronx Bombers, before retiring after this past season.

Now, Sabathia's baseball career is done, as he moves onto the next stages in his life. That means he gets to spend more time with his wife and their four children.

This Valentine's post was at least better received than Justin Verlander and Kate Upton's, that's for sure.