Angelina Pivarnick and fiancé Chris Larangeira's relationship has been questioned multiple times on the show because of the problems the two usually face. In the latest episode (March 26), the cast of 'Jersey Shore' were forced to question if Angelina was serious about her relationship with Chris because of how she was behaving with her friend, Matt, who she invited to the club.

Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley and Deena Nicole Cortese decided to celebrate Jenni's divorce and for this purpose, all of them decided to go to a drag house. While the guys decided to leave, the girls wanted to stay back and enjoy their night.

It was during this that Angelina decided to invite her friend, Matt. Angelina introduced Matt to the cast as her best friend who she had known for more than 10 years. The girls were surprised as they thought it was just going to be a girl's night out. Despite this, they decide to include Matt and have a nice time together.

They then decided to get on the dance floor and bust some moves. However, their mood soon turned sour as the girls realized how close Angelina was getting with Matt. The two were holding hands and took a leave to go sit down. The girls decided to confront Angelina and she decided to ignore them.

Things went a little out of hand when Angelina started telling Matt about Chris's dirty secrets. Deena was shocked and reminded her that she was engaged and should not disrespect the relationship. She told Angelina to not cross a line and stop talking about Chris in that manner.

Soon enough, the girls left and Angelina bid her goodbye to Matt. Once in the car, the girls reminded Angelina that what she did was wrong. However, Angelina thought that she had known Matt for a long time and it wasn't wrong for her to act in the way that she did. The girls, on the other hand, disagreed.

She decided to call Chris and talk to him about everything that has happened. Once she told Chris that she had informed Matt about his habit of taking video of girls having sex, Chris kept quiet and later revealed that he was pissed.

The girls were proved right and Angelina wrong. The conversation soon ended with Chris putting the phone down and leaving Angelina hanging. While the two tried to talk it out later, it seemed like Angelina's actions had caused a problem but will it affect their relationship?

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