Spoilers for Freeform's 'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 10 - 'Some Kind of Wonderful'

It is Sutton Brady's (Meghann Fahy) wedding day and the girls wake up ecstatic for her future. But Sutton is prepared to walk into her boss Oliver Grayson's (Stephen Conrad Moore) office and break it to him that she will be moving to San Francisco after her wedding with Richard Hunter (Sam Page).

Oliver, however, is prepared to give Sutton the stylist job at Scarlet. But when Sutton tells him about her plans for San Francisco, he cannot bring himself to offer her the job lest it deters from what she wants - getting married to Richard.

Elsewhere, Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) is figuring out how to take RJ Safford (Aidan Devine) down. She knows that she must do something for the stand that he is forcing Scarlet to take against conversion therapy. If she can just leak his tax returns, the fact that he is funding a senator who supports conversion therapy will be out there, and it could lead to some resolution. Adena El Amin (Nikohl Boosheri) stands supportive beside her, the two overcoming their issues of the fourth season to unite their forces. Which brings us to wonder if the two are somehow drawn to each other.

By the end of the episode, Kat has released the documents online, which has led to RJ stepping down from his position at Scarlet Magazine. But it has also led to her firing - she acquired those documents illegally and not only has she lost her job but now also stands the danger of being sued.

Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) spent all of season 4 trying to make her relationship with Ryan Decker (Dan Jeannotte) work. His infidelity from last season gripped her throughout the run of season 4. She battled with herself - knowing fully well that she cannot bring herself to get over the cheating and the lying, but somehow continuing in the relationship. When she finally shed her inhibitions and gave Ryan another chance, deep down, she still knew something was wrong and that Ryan continued to lie to her. Just after Sutton's wedding, she is compelled to break up with Ryan wishing to be with someone with transparency.

The idea behind the finale of season 4 was to push the girls to find their truth. Sutton finds that despite everything, she wants to work as a stylist more than anything. Kat doesn't relent in the face of the threats thrown at her by RJ and the possibility of an unemployed future. She knows that whatever she takes up next, she will ace it. And Jane finds the truth about her relationship with her cheating boyfriend and the stage of life she is in. She feared the break up because she feared to be alone and having to go through her surgery alone. But she mustn't lie to herself anymore and confront the truth about Ryan's lies.

With Jane going in for her mastectomy, and Kat and Sutton by her side, the makers of 'The Bold Type' have left room for an upcoming season. We only have to wait for it to return to television.