Showtime’s tragicomedy ‘Kidding’ season 2 was off to an explosive start on February 9. In the first two episodes, we saw Mr. Pickles (Jim Carrey) trying to deal with the consequences of his actions at the end of season one when he had run over Peter (Justin Kirk) with his car on Christmas Eve, after the latter offered him a joint.

Peter is Jeff’s estranged wife Jill’s (Judy Greer) new boyfriend. In both the episodes he tried to come to terms with the repercussions of his actions -- to the point where he came clean to Jill about it not being an accident, and even offering Peter a part of his liver to save his life.

In the second episode, while hallucinating a surreal scenario involving the puppet characters from his show, while under general anesthesia, Jeff came to terms with the fact that he blames Jill for the death of his son. When he wakes up from the anesthetic slumber, he has a moment of connection with his father Seb (Frank Langella).

But even as everything seems to be reconciling between the father and son’s estranged relationship, Jeff fires him from his position as executive producer on his children’s television show.

So what can one expect next?

The synopsis for episode three titled ‘I’m Listening’ on Showtime says: “Jeff has an idea for how he can speak directly to the children of the world while Seb hands over the reins of the Pickle empire to Deirdre. After finding a book of magic spells, Will finds himself face to face with the past.”

Even faced with the past, there are too many variables in the future that need to be addressed. For one, Jill seems to be very done with Jeff, to the point where she might finally divorce him. This would further distance Jeff from his son Will.

Additionally, it would be interesting to see how Peter reacts to the fact that he’s only alive thanks to Jeff’s altruism. In their shared anesthesia-laden dream, where elements of magical realism abounded, Peter had punched Jeff for what he did. But would he remember that? And would he even remember that Jeff had run him down on purpose?

It is possible that Jill would tell him, but would he forgive Jeff for his transgression?

‘Kidding’ Season 2 airs Sundays at 10 pm ET only on Showtime.