Let's get this out of the way first. Mark Teixeira is one of the great New York Yankees of the last 20 years, one of the best first basemen of his era, and he's carved out a respectable role for himself at ESPN as an analyst. Having said that, his takes on the Houston Astros cheating scandal have gone a little off the rails in traditional ESPN talking head fashion.

Teixeira wants everyone involved in the scandal fired, players and everything.

Little rule of thumb. Anytime your take on a complex, nuanced discipline situation is "fire everyone", you're probably reaching a bit.

Teixeira's de-evolution on TV is back-breaking, because he could still be one of the network's rising stars with his honest analysis. Kicking and screaming like this for retweets is not the way to go.

ESPN's baseball coverage might be struggling to reach a wide audience due to the cuts that have been made in that department, but Teixeira doesn't have to reduce to bloviation like this to get people to tune in.